Remember the Lite-up Bubbles?

We DON'T encourage purchasing and bringing these types of toys into Bethlehem but...

A pretty cool photo was taken through one!

I guess they had the twinkle lights off - THANK YOU to everyone who helped with that!

SATURDAY 10:00 to 4:00 we will:

Take down the Marketplace

Take down the Star

Take down the Second Story Buildings

Pack the front of the manger

Continue to pack things away Church Side

The Kitchen Floor is being finished so we'll offer

some sort of simple lunch at 1:00.

ALSO, it's Tom Brock's last Saturday with us.

HIs work needs him to move to New Jersey!

Please come to say good bye to our dear friend

and FAITHFUL laborer!

Looking ahead:

And with a previous week of dry weather for things to dry out -

We will be moving the panels to storage on January 26!

12 Strong and/or willing guys are needed!!

Will you be one of this number?

YES!  I will move PANELS on Sat. January 26

See you real soon. Let's button up this wonderful Bethlehem AD Season with fervor!

(passionate enthusiasm)