Last Saturday to get set up

101 Signs are Lit UP!

We're moving into the starting gate

Still Needed:

  1. Construction help during the week

  2. SOUP maker for the cast during the performance

  3. Someone to Pull Herod's Rickshaw

  4. Chain Gang Soldier / Leader

  5. Cooks at the Fire

  6. Greeters

  7. Farewellers

  8. Help with Security / golf cart drivers

Experience the BLESSINGS of giving to Bethlehem A.D.



This Saturday we begin at the Lot 8:30am

To help during the week -

Call Karl at 650-274-8155.

Costume room activities begin at 9:30

NO MORE Costuming after Dec. 17!

So...Get your costume NOW -

Because, we're WAITING for you!!

Children's roles are all filled but...we need Adults!

Please - SIGN-UP

Looking for Cooks, Greeters, Farewellers...and

someone to PULL HEROD!

ALL Adult Roles

Rehearsal Schedule for this week-end:


Tribes: Pick one - 9:30 or 4:00

Gabriel: 9:30

Tax Collector PAGES: NOON



Greeters: 2:30

Farewellers: 4:00

Come to your rehearsal so you'll know what to do!!

See you Saturday? - say yes.