Tomorrow - even if it rains - we will 'carry on'.

If you can't make tomorrow - PLEASE -


We'll be moving the village wall panels into place and securing them. MANY hands will make for lighter work!!

Interested in youth while portraying a vindictive Roman Soldier? A volunteer is needed to lead the Chain Gang for all three nights. The Chain Gang is an integral part of the entire Bethlehem AD cast. Youth cast in this role are ages 12-15 and there are about 10 young teens each night. They portray a ragtag group of poor children who have been taken from their parents by the Romans to be sold as slaves. They have been stolen from their homes and families and will probably never ever see their loved ones again. In character, the Chain Gang leader is the Roman soldier responsible for your chattel until they are sold. The Chain Gang leader is actually responsible for the safety of the teens, teaching them the history of slaves during ancient world as well as supervising and motivating them to take role seriously. Boy Scout leaders, teachers and coaches make excellent Chain Gang Leaders. If interested please email Paula Dresden at

Saturday Schedule

9:30 am

Cut and organize in the Costume Room

Unpack the Manger and work on the Market Place at the Lot

1 PM

Lunch for the entire crew


Put a lawn sign in your yard - Post a poster at your place of business, nearby restaurant or laundromat!

Posters, flyers and lawn signs are available in the Bethlehem AD Office.